Dr. Wunpen  Chonkaew
ดร.วันเพ็ญ   ช้อนแก้ว

Contact Information:

        Department of Chemistry, Faculty of Science
        King Mongkut's University of Technology Thonburi
        126 Pracha-utis Rd., Bangmod, Toong-kru
        Bangkok10140, Thailand

    Office:  ชั้น 10 อาคารปฏิบัติการพื้นฐานทางวิทยาศาสตร์
    Tel:        0-2470-9551
    Fax:       0-2470-8843
    E-mail: wunpen.cho@kmutt.ac.th

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  1. Brostow, W., Chonkaew, W. and Menard, K.P. "Connection between dynamic mechanical properties and sliding wear resistance of polymers", Mat. Res. Innov., 10 (2006) 389.
  2. Beake, B.D., Bell, G.A., Brostow, W. and Chonkaew, W. "Nanoindentation creep and glass transition temperatures in polymers",Polym. Int., 56 (2007) 773.
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  4. Brostow, W., Chonkaew, W., Mirshams, R. and Srivastava, A., "Characterization of grooves in scratch resistance testing", Accepted in Polym. Eng. Sci.: Mar 17 2008, to be published.
  5. Brostow, W., Chonkaew, W., Datashvili, T. and Menard, K.P. "Tribological properties of epoxy + silica hybrid materials",Accepted in J. Nanosci. & Nanotech.: Mar 7 2008, to be published.

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