FSci: Forefront leadership in developing STEM competence and driving sustainable innovation.


  • To produce science graduates who have morals, intelligence, adaptability and serves the society.
  • To generate academic projects, researches, scientific inventions and high quality technology that are beneficial to the community and society by implementing Thai wisdom to meet the international standards.
  • To provide services to the society and community through trainings, consultation and conducting activities with community and network in order to contribute for reduction in inequality and play a social role to strengthen the community.
  • To promote and support the preservation of Thai arts and culture in order to develop the work and living culture of graduates and staff in both Thai and international societies.


        Faculty of Science adheres and believes that the developments of human resources and new knowledge findings in science and technology have to be the holistic education with dimensional link of science and society development. The goals of science education are for the benefits of mankind.


  • To generate quality science graduates who will serve the society.
  • To create quality knowledge, research projects, academic projects and academic services that is valuable to the society.
  • To become a leading force in creation of society that is strong and content by implementing Thai wisdom to meet the international standards.
  • To progress as High Performance Innovative Organization with dignity, adherence and integrity.

Values and Culture

  • To handle responsibilities with dignity, adherence to morals and integrity.
  • Social responsibility
  • Active Professionalism
  • Open-Mindedness


  • To create science learning innovation.
  • To build core capability and high impact research cluster in science and technology.
  • To produce science graduate with humanization.
  • To develop towards innovative high performance organization and sustainable development.
  • To search for networks and efficient resources utilization.
  • To create internationalization.
  • To step into green and clean organization.