I had a chance to participate in Global Project Based Learning Program (gPBL program) at Shibaura Institute of Technology (SIT), Japan for 10 days from 7 to 17 December 2016. SIT is a private university with two campuses located in Tokyo and Saitama, and they have pleasant and suitable environment for learning.

The gPBL program was a short-term course that 70 international participants were expected not only to make plan but also make design, implementation and fieldwork as a team in different themes. I received new knowledge and great friendships from not only Thai or Japanese students but also from Indonesian, Cambodian, Singaporean, Vietnamese etc. Even though we had some obstacles about communication but we helped each other. The teamwork was very important.

My group got the project work to design for egg drop protector and develop innovative packaging from Kanepackage Company. First, we used our creative thinking skill to design packaging for egg protection. After that we developed the innovative new packaging. It was difficult because we had to concern about many factors to design the new package that have to be better and useful for daily life. We had to go to bed late very often but our hard work was rewarding. Our team got TA (teacher assistant) award at the final presentation. We developed the innovative new packaging name, MARU package which can protect goods safely and convenient for people to use. Moreover, we had an opportunity to visit Aizu highland and Showa Village where the temperature was minus 4-5 degree Celsius. It was the first time that I saw snow. It was so beautiful and very very cold. We visited Mitsubishi Fuso and our lecturer gave us many details about automotive parts. I had tried various Japanese traditional healthy food and every meal I had was nutritious. In cultural event, we had enjoyed watching many cultural shows from many countries and KMUTT students also showed about Thai traditional game. It was a memorable experience in Japan!! <Khemjira>