My name is Sarocha Wongkamchan (PingPong) from Department of Physics, Faculty of Science. I was in Japan for exchange program at Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology. It was the first time that I went abroad and stayed there alone for four months. I was really excited and nervous but I kept talking to myself that everything would be fine. On August, 31th 2016, the day had arrived that I have to fly to Japan and live apart from my family and friends. However, the thought that it would be a great opportunity to find wonderful new experiences comforted me. I landed in the late night and was very tired. When I finally arrived safely at my resident, the excitement of everything there just boosted me up. Japan is a wonderful country and everywhere is beautiful. Its landscape shows a combination of technology and nature. Japanese is very kind and almost everyone is very polite. They would bow for greeting, good bye and very often to show respect. Every morning my neighbors will greet me “Ohayogosaimasu” which means good morning. I realized that everyone was so nice to me. Besides, Japanese food is very fascinated and delicious. The most famous food in Japan is definitely Sushi and the Sushi I had was so nice, fresh and very delicious. My life in Japan was very fun and superb. I went there under ASEAN International Mobility for Student Program (AIMS ) and I met a lot of new friends from Asian countries under this program. Besides, I also got acquainted to many Japanese buddies who were taking care of AIMS students. Moreover, I had met other exchange students from different programs. We all had exchanged our ideas about our countries, and we also went sightseeing, parties and picnic together. We became good friends eventually. It was such a wonderful moment. Everyone was very nice and helpful to each other in study, life, communication and so on. I had improved my English skill, explore new culture, learned new knowledge and got new friends. I became stronger and smarter. Everything I had experienced was meaningful and wonderful for me.<Sarocha>