Southeast Asian Mobility (SAM) Program was initiated with the collaborative interests of FSci, KMUTT (Thailand), Universiti Teknologi Malaysia(Malaysia), and University Negeri Jakarta(Indonesia). The program focuses on development of students’ 21st century skills through student mobility in international multidisciplinary project based learning through team working to prepare students to facing the global challenges. The program was divided into three phases. The 1st phase was held in Malaysia on March 10-12, 2017. There were 11 students, 2 lecturers, and 1 staff from FSci joined the program. In the 1st phase, all our students had the great opportunity to interact with participants from Malaysia and Indonesia under “Design Thinking” theme through multidisciplinary field of study and were truly involved with international working atmosphere. All the participants are now looking forward to the second phase that will be held in the mid of May in Thailand. <Nuttapong >