Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (UTM) is located at Johor Bahru State in the Malaysia’s southernmost part bordered to Singapore. Most of UTM students are Muslim. There is a mosque inside the university. I was an exchange student at UTM for one semester. We were altogether 6 students from KMUTT from which three students were from FSci. We arrived UTM on September 15th, 2016. I took five courses, three courses for my major and two courses for free elective. In my major courses, the test and grading system were a bit different from KMUTT. There were term project and percentage for assignment but I felt that the content was nearly the same as what we have in KMUTT. In UTM they focused more on how to work in real life situation and team work. I had chance to join the seminar about human computer interaction, and it was the best experience to learn so much from this exchange program. During my stay there, I had a lot of foreign friends, Japanese, Korean, Turkish, Indonesian, Canadian, and Malaysian. I had a chance to visit Malacca, the world heritage city, and Kata Tinggi Waterfall. During midterm break, I went to Singapore with my Thai friends. Singapore is very clean and safe country but the living expenses were very high following their convenience standard. On Christmas day, we also went to Kuala Lumpur, the capital of Malaysia to celebrate Christmas festival and we had a chance to join Christmas party with my Chinese friends at Buddhism temple in Malaysia, we exchanged presents and played some game together. I’m really thankful to FSci, KMUTT and UTM for this great opportunity. Every moment was so important to me. I realized this program had progressed me to grow up and became more responsible person. It had given me a lot of memories to cherish. <Bencharat >