From 21th August to 16th December 2016, we, Mr. Danoo Khongyoo and Ms. Wimonnat Sukpol were exchange students at Konkuk University, South Korea. We had memorable experiences with our European, Chinese and Korean new friends during our stay there. Everyone was kind and friendly. Since the in campus dorm was more expensive so we stayed in a dorm outside the university. The dorm name is "living castle" or " Goshiwon "in Korean which was divided into male and female section. The dorm provided free rice, eggs, kimchi, tea, coffee and Ramyon (instant noodle) with kitchen equipment. The room was small but it suited us well since only one person stayed in one room. Konkuk University is the only university in Seoul where there is a lake in the university. There are many facilities at KU such as student activity building, hospital, football and baseball field, canteen and library. The canteen system was different from Thailand. There were some showcases in front of the canteen which showed all of the menu in each restaurant. To order food, we would select that food from the machine and pay money. Then we would get a coupon and we just have to show the coupon to the restaurant to pick our ordered food.

We really liked this idea because we could see the real food before we order and we did not have to wait in long queue. We were very impressed with the library here. It opens 24 hours and 7 days! There are many clubs inside the student activity building such as cover dance, Taekwondo, diving, badminton, baseball, international friendship (IF), wood carving, etc. If you are interested in one of these clubs, you can walk in and ask them for their activity and pay some money for maintenance fee (the fee depends on each club). We joined Taekwondo and wood carving club, and we really enjoyed. We took 3 courses at KU. They were Financial Management, Public speaking and Debate and Business English. We did work hard and read text book and searched exercise in every chapter to prepare ourselves well for class and examination. We really liked the idea when the Korean students didn't understand something in class, they would ask the professor immediately. In our free time, we would travel around Seoul. This city has a lot of wonderful places and delicious food. If you have a chance, we would like to recommend you to visit Seoul. Finally, we’d like to say thank you to FSci for giving us this superior opportunity and we hope that our junior will get this special chance like us! Annyeong-haseyo! <Danoo and Wimonnat>