Research is one of the primary missions of higher education institutions in order to create academic excellence, to build mechanism of learning and reputation, and the acceptance of society. In order to increase the opportunities and effectiveness of the researches, Faculty of Science, King Mongkut's University of Technology Thonburi proposed funding from the following funding sources as follows:

  1. National Research Council of Thailand (NRCT) research grant from national budget is a program where NRCT allocate funding to various institutions in accordance to the budget of Research Grants Program for professors.
  2. Research grant allocated from faculty /university's revenue or Science research grant and King Mongkut'sUniversity of Technology Thonburi reaseach grant are progams that support new researchers and to use as seeding fund for starting point, as well as the basis of the research projects, that have the potential to develop into major projects. This initial research project can further be used to request for research grant from other sources in the future.
  3. External research grants are funded by the private sectors or other research grants from government budgets.

Research groups

      Faculty of Science has compiled similar researches together to determine the direction of research and the development of research quality. Currently, there are 20 research groups in four department listed below.

Department of Microbiology

  • Food Safety and Quality Improvement
  • Agricultural and Applied Microbiology
  • Food Product Development
  • Waste Utilization and Management

Department of Physics

  • Optics and Laser Technology
  • Scintillation Crystals for Science and Technology
  • Thin Film Technology
  • Synthesis Materials and Applications

Department of Mathematics

  • The Atmospheric and Oceanic Modeling
  • Numerical Analysis
  • Environmental Management
  • Computer-aid Instruction
  • Computer for Business Applied Statistics
  • Computational Mathematics
  • Nonlinear Analysis and Optimization
  • Fixed Point Theory and Applications
  • Applied Statistics and Risk
  • Combinatorics and Graph Theory

Department of Chemistry

  • Environmental Technology and Management Polymer
  • Organic Synthesis and Natural Products
  • Computational Chemistry
  • Nanomaterials Analytical Chemistry