The Faculty of Science has an extensive partnership network with leading industries and universities worldwide. The Faculty of Science as a part of the University has more than 200 partner universities around the world. Currently, the Faculty held joint academic programs (Dual Degree / Exchange programs) with partner universities and industries to encourage students and staff to have work experience in a variety of areas (Mobility). Also, the International Affairs, Faculty of Science promotes and supports student leaders, promote student exchange program and promote logistics for students, both in Thailand and overseas. The entire project is aimed towards the Roadmap - 2020 which signifies the internationalization of the faculty.

       For internationalization of the faculty, we have ongoing operations to create international environment, and also increasing the funding for the international programs and language teaching programs. There is an increasing number of students, lecturers and staffs to participate in the international activities, and strengthening of logistic support for the international community. This improves the ranking in terms of teaching and research, adding value to the industry and community, and adding strength and professionalism to the organization.